Ikea daybed reviews

Ikea daybed like any other daybeds are getting more and more popular. People buy them as a guest bed or just for a short nap during the day. Good thing about Ikea daybeds is that you can use your own mattress. Of course you can purchase mattress with your daybed but if you prefer to have a different one or this one wears out you can easily change it.

Ikea daybed frames

If you want to buy Ikea daybed you will first have to decide what kind of frame would you like to have. This is really important and you will have to consider other furniture in your room before you buy an Ikea daybed. There are a lot of different daybed frames that you can choose from and if you are lucky you will also get some of them on sale. The hole look of you Ikea daybed is important because it will be on visible place. You can use it as a sofa during the day and as a bed during the night.

Ikea daybed with drawers

Another advantage of Ikea daybed is that you can also buy one with drawers. You can get two or three drawers and use your space more efficiently. How many drawers you have under your Ikea daybed is not so important but it is very handy that you can clean you stuff very fast or store things you don’t need so often very close to your sitting place. You can put extra pillows, sheets or quilts. You can even store your magazines or Play station in your Ikea daybed drawers.

Ikea daybed mattresses

When you buy your Ikea daybed it will not come with mattresses. Ikea mattresses and very good and you can get all sizes and price ranges. Like any other mattresses you can buy basic ones or get high quality ones that are more expensive but you will probably sleep a lot better on that one. One thing you should not forget is to check the sizes of your Ikea daybed so that you will buy the right mattress size for it. Because bed frames are fixed you will have to know the maximum size of you mattress.ikea daybed frame

Ikea daybed is a great piece of furniture because you get two in one. You can have a normal sofa during the day and change it into a bed for yourself or your unexpected visitors. It is a lot better to sleep on Ikea daybed than on a normal sofa. What kind of daybed you will buy is entirely up to you. You can get a really cheap one for only $100 or so or you can the one you want to have in the middle of your living room and that looks good. These will cost you a little more. CheckĀ  also other pages within where we review so specific Ikea daybeds and sofas. For your final decision you will have to go to your closest Ikea store and see it for yourself. Try to purchase the bes Ikea daybed you can afford.